Technology & cybersecurity

Technology presents great opportunities for organizations
but the associated risks must be managed.

Technology is a powerful tool but poses unique risks

Technology can be a double-edged sword for leaders. As a powerful tool, it can help accomplish organizational goals such as creating efficiencies, serving customers better, delivering insight for business decisions, and fostering collaboration locally or globally. But like any powerful tool, technology poses unique risks, including business interruption and data theft or loss.

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Our process & people

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A tailored service for you

Whether it is technology solutions consulting, or IT risk management, we can develop a solution that is customized for your specific needs. Our professionals will work with you and your team to identify your organization's problems or risks and craft a solution that best addresses those issues.

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Broad range of experience

Our technology professionals are experienced in leveraging technology to solve organizational issues and meet goals, while managing and mitigating the associated potential risks. Our team members speak the language of business, work to help organizations fulfill their missions, meet schedules and deadlines, and work to approved budgets.

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Specialized expertise

Our technology team has a wide range of certifications to ensure your technology helps you achieve objectives, manage risk, and exploit opportunities. Whether it's IT governance, risk management, or implementation of specialized software and solutions, our staff has the expertise to best serve your needs.

Services overview

Learn more about our technology and cybersecurity services below:

AGH's technology consultants first meet with a client to understand the organization's current systems, needs and issues with their existing systems and software. During this initial meeting, they look ahead to future needs, expansion, physical location, and additional requirements that may affect technology decisions. Only after gaining a thorough understanding of an organization and its environment does a consultant examine possible hardware and software solutions based on industry standards, experience with other clients and organizations, and the organization's timeline and budget. Learn more about our information system consulting service.
When use of technology could be used to solve problems or make improvements to an organization's business processes, but no off-the-shelf system or software delivers the exact results needed, that's where custom solution development comes in. Our technology consultants meet with you to determine what technology resources already exist in hardware, software, and trained staff. Then, based on our extensive programming capabilities and industry and product knowledge, we can create customized solutions to our clients’ problems in a wide range of areas. See how our custom solution development services can help your organization.
Our methodology helps evaluate threats based on the unique vulnerabilities and security requirements of your information assets. It will also help you consider events that might be malicious, accidental, or even the result of a natural disaster. By prioritizing your mitigation plans using a business-driven, risk-based approach, you will be better prepared to protect your information assets. And, more importantly, you will be better positioned to ensure the resiliency of those processes and services that are most critical to fulfilling your business mission. See how we can help you manage your IT risk with our IT security services.
AGH's technology consultants work with clients to ensure that technology upgrades, changes, expansions and other changes in an organization's information systems work as smoothly as possible. We focus on taking care of the technical details so that benefits can be achieved as quickly and easily as possible. Learn more about our infrastructure consulting service and how it could help your organization.

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Meet the team

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Brian Johnson

Senior Vice President
Technology Services and Administration